Speedline Solutions

Speedline Solutions has built and maintained point of sale software for pizza and delivery restaurants in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. As a leader in the industry for 30 years, they began to recognize the need to integrate online sales for their customers. Because they did not have native integration of online sales tools, many of their customers were starting to look to other solutions.


To provide customers with an online ordering solution that is superior to our technology partners


Customers reported a sales increase of 20% in the first year.

The Bottum Line

We found that common drop off points for people when ordering food online fell into three key categories

  • When they are not able to easily find what they are looking for
  • When they are forced to create an account to make a purchase
  • When it takes longer than calling to place an order

A key design challenge was to simplify how customers find products and remove barriers that cause some to abandon their cart. We also prioritized mobile users by adopting a mobile first approach to our design.

We chose to create a low-fidelity html prototype that allowed us to test the overall usability and interactions of our designs for key tasks. The prototype allowed for us to think through solutions for interactions as well as get a sense of how feasibile it would be to impliment.

Quickly Add to Order

Showing a simple form on hover gives customers a quick way to add an item to their order. We were also able to show immediate feedback within the same tiles to confirm that the item has been added to their order.

Place an Order

There are several steps involved when completing a purchase that can get confusing when making choices about delivery and payment type. To help with this, we added UI elements to indicate progress.